About Me

I am an Author:

I love to write.  I started at age 8 with limericks and poems. That grew into novellas and novels.  Most recently and proudly, picture book s.  Writing is an extension of who I am.  I write from the heart.  I document my experiences, hopes, dreams, and personal struggles.  Writing is an outlet that allows me to express how I am feeling and share it with those who feel the same way but choose to keep it inside. My intention is to tell stories that people relate to and are enriched by in some way.  I am currently working on the “Rescue Me” series, picture books for children about “emotional struggles” told through the eyes of an animal.  Each story raises awareness to social stigmas (facing fears and change; abandonment (emotional and physical); prejudice; homelessness and saying goodbye to a loved one).  I also address family diversity within the illustrations initiating the reader to see that families come in all varieties.

I am a Publisher:

I am the owner of Open Door Publishing.  I realized that the only way to keep the integrity of the stories, subject matter, and charitable contributions was to do it on my own.  The “Rescue Me” books are unique and unlike any children’s picture book on the market.  They are based on true events that have occurred in both mine and my rescued animals lives.  They support diversity.  They shed light on social stigmas humans and animals go through with uplifting words and adorable illustrations.  They teach life lessons and philanthropy.  I became a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) to give back to deserving charities (chosen specifically for the theme of the book) and raising awareness of their wonderful causes.  This in turn teaches our children the importance of paying it forward, and allowing them to understand at a very early age, that they can make a difference in the world and save a life in some way simply by purchasing a book. You can go to our website (www.anopendoor.us) to purchase a book and/or make a donation.  Donation packages are available (which include free books and other fun gifts).  Our books are also available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  We depend on the sales and donations to complete the other four stories in the series.  My future hope for Open Door is to publish work from both young and old.  They can be anything that is written (Poems, songs, sonnets, essays, novellas, and novels).  We do have a disclaimer on our website for those 18 and under.  We also request that there is a purpose or lesson to be learned in the work, and that a charity or donation is affiliated with it. Our mission at Open Door is to educate and give back to our communities on book/poem/song/sonnet/essay/novella or novel at a time.

I am an Animal Advocate:

Ilama is a pen name and an acronym for I Love All My Animals.  Animals have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Growing up I had a bird, dog, gerbil, and goldfish.  In my twenties, I had a dog whom I consider to be my first child, and taught me the “true” meaning of unconditional love.  Although he has since passed, he will always have a huge piece of my heart and will remain in my thoughts until my last breath.  As a Mom, I realize the importance of what animals bring to our lives. My children have never spent a day without (at least one) in their lives.  I currently am the proud owner of eleven rescued animals.  Most of which are turtles (both indoor and outdoor).  The others are cats and dogs who were all rescues.  As rescues, they came to our family with their triumphs and tribulations and we honor and accept them for their experiences. Watching them daily helps me to become a better and more understanding person.  The “Rescue Me” series is dedicated to each and every one of them, and all the animals that came before them.

I am a Spiritual Being:

Some may laugh at this part.  Others will understand.  No matter, because I am proud of whom I am.  It has taken me years to feel comfortable inside my own skin so haters beware.  I know hard times.  I know good times.  Of course I prefer the good times, however, it is the hardest of times that constantly mold me into who I am today. I take nothing for granted.  I am blessed and grateful for everything I have, and thank the Universe several times a day for it. I have dreams, wants, and desires and ask for support constantly.  I continually meet like- minded people who share in my beliefs, so I know I am not alone in my thinking.  I fault no one for their beliefs and truly hope they do the same for me.  I wish to leave my mark with stories, life lessons, and the wisdom I gain each and every day. I call my self an “Expert” in life lessons because it seems like I learn a new one on a daily basis.  Life is a process.   We gain wisdom from our accomplishments and even more from our failures.  I don’t mean to preach but if I can help anyone out who struggles with questions or in need of some answers, then in some small way I have made a contribution to others.

Thank you for reading about me.  I hope that you find what I have to say interesting and worthwhile.  I will be blogging about my books, animals, life lessons, and random thoughts I have.  I hope that I am able to touch on subjects that bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.  If you are interested in learning more about me, my books or Open Door Publishing please go to our website listed above.