Life Lesson #126… Be respectful to everyone!



Life Lesson #126 … Be respectful to everyone!

It is a necessity in life to be kind and respectful to everyone.  It does not matter who you are or where you come from. I have always taught this to my kids. Yet, since they began adolescence I often wondered if they ever heard a word I said.  From the onset of puberty they have lashed out to me more than anyone else.  I was told that this is because my love is unconditional.  Maybe so, but it still hurts.  I always questioned if they were as rude to others as they are to me.  And even though I never asked, I have been told by many adults who know them, how kind and respectful they are.  Not only have I been pleasantly surprised but greatly relieved.  Someone once told me that is how it usually works. That it is more important for children to be better behaved outside of the house than inside.  Well… that is simply nonsense!

Kids should be respectful both in and outside of the house.  There is never a reason why they should be any other way.  Psychologists say that during adolescents you should let children explore their feelings.  That they need to be respected and allowed to act the way they do. And, that it is a difficult time for them while they are trying to find their place in world; which is also when they seem to be the rudest, or so I thought.  Since I respect professional’s expertise and wish to believe that they know what they are talking about, I figured that once adolescence ended that the attitude would change and my children would blossom into respectful individuals.  Not only am I still waiting but I have learned that it is way after their teens until maturity takes hold. Granted this is a generalization, and I am only speaking from my own personal experiences and observations. But for those of you who are experiencing a similar scenario, just an FYI… it is much longer than you thought!

I recently witnessed a few incidents that not only enraged me but thoroughly embarrassed me.  I saw how rude and disrespectful my son was when speaking to people, especially to those he felt superior to. I don’t think he is any different than anyone else his age.  Most of the millennials I meet seem to have an “entitlement” complex.  I am not sure why but they do.  It is an attitude of dispensation that leads them to believe they are a cut above the rest.  I truly respect those who have good self esteem and self worth.  It is an admirable quality. But, what I do not understand and I am constantly perplexed by, is why anyone would need to disparage another human being to make them self feel superior?

I believe that good comes from good.  When you are kind to others, they are kind to you.  When you are respectful to others, they are respectful right back.  I raised my boys with this motto.  With age comes wisdom and from everything I see, they have many more years to go.  So for the time being, I will just wait on the sidelines for them to get it.  My only wish is for both their sakes that it is sooner rather than later. I know my children to be kind, loving, and respectful individuals.  And I cannot wait for their full potential to come to fruition once they mature.  And when that happens, they will become the great adults I know them to be and share their accomplishments and contributions with the world.



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